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The Red Shoes

8 Jun

There’s nothing quite like new shoes but sometimes it can be hard to find something exciting at the store. When I bought this pair of vintage red leather shoes it was a potential- in- mind purchase. I wasn’t sure of what action to take right away so I just kept them in sight, and seeing them against different fabrics and textures started to inspire a plan.

I wanted to maintain the vintage style and even accentuate it. They have a typical 1950s design, pointed heels and the winkle pickers. It got me thinking about shoes and fashion from the era, the everyday glamour and the specifics of it. Not a groundbreaking decade in terms of design instead fashion put emphasis on the female figure, advocating the hourglass. Fashion worked to create the illusion of the hourglass through form fitting and using exaggerated layering and pleating to create volume. I thought perhaps the shoes would indeed benefit from a bit of volume, it would create that sense of 50s glamour that flat detailing certainly could not. I played around with trimmings and fabrics until I came across this ribbon that is so reminiscent of the old school nylon stockings with the seam down the back – perfect to evoke glamour of the 1950s in a shoe.

Using my fingers to create an even pleat I folded, pinned and handstitched each pleat for the centre and side panels. I cut the excess ribbon running down from the centre panel along the line that marked the end of the heel, a curved line that fit perfectly above the heel’s little sole. To attach the voluminous pleats I used a super glue, although I’m looking into other adhesives right now as the glue I used was a little awkward and I would like a little more control especially when using fabric. The ribbon attached instantly and I let it set for a while (although I did try it on seconds after the bond). Complete.

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