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Displaying Jewelry – The Story so Far

3 Aug

I’ve been busy, setting up, arranging and rearranging my jewelry display at Craftshop na Méar, in the little town of Listowel in Co. Kerry. An Aladdins cave of colour and crafts that came into being at the end of last year. The building at 53 Church Street was built in 1819 and has all the charm and details of bygone days, a big stove in the hearth, chunky brickwork walls and flagstone floors. It’s a beautiful location to showcase local crafts and is now home to the work of 50 different craftspeople working in yarn, fabric, painting, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, metalwork, photography, and more. I was delighted to join the crew and was excited to bring my vintage inspired jewelry line 1801Vintage to the quaint surroundings of this historic building.
Setting up a display was, and continues to be, a daunting challenge. As the collection continues to grow I keep finding new ways to showcase the jewelry to its best effect. I was initially displaying beside the whitewashed wooden door which links the front to the larger back section of the store. The collection was smaller so the space was perfect.



Situated now beside the beautiful stove I’m inspired by the building as I create the displays striving to maintain that rustic charm that the building conveys. And as the collection expands, the display continues to grow with it.









Check out more about Craftshop na Méar and the historic building by following the links below:


Vintage Inspired Jewellery

24 Jan


Having a lot of fun making jewellery and I thought I’d set up a little store so that you can enjoy it too. My vintage inspired Jewellery line 1801Vintage now available at

💝 Swing by for a little treat or maybe a gift 💝.

Fall Leaf Brooch Jewellery Supplies for Handmade Accessories

25 Nov


My new store on Etsy, jewellery findings for your designs.  Lots of treasure to be added, keeping Facebook up to date with new listings, so like my page for updates on the latest items.

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend S/S 2013 Part III

20 Sep

The show that absolutely stole my awe and admiration was  IQTest by Melissa Lockwood, featuring Scary Monster Tees and knit dresses made from salvaged fabrics, the collection was diverse and there was a sense of excitement in the air. Lockwood’s repurposing of garment factory waste was inspiring.  A startling 28 million ton of fabric actually make it to landfills every year. The collection was refreshing in it’s sourcing of materials and the knit dresses were a little magical, alongside the kind of adorable scary monster tees.

The accessories originality of design caught my eye and I was fixated by  MazadiBCoutureAccessories who made the accessories for Lockwood’s show.  It has definitely made me look at how we wear accessories in a whole new way.

IQTEST Melissa Lockwood and MazadiBCoutureAccessories

IQTEST Melissa Lockwood and MazadiBCoutureAccessories

Don’t just take my word for it, these featured designers are definitely worth checking out:

And of course the weekend that made it all possible :

Jewelry’s Big Day Out

23 Mar

I decided it was time to gather up the jewelry I’ve been making, figure out how to display them and head out the local alternative craft fair. My button post earrings fit perfectly onto my business card, for the longer earrings I made bigger cards and my button rings were perfect in my Ring Display Box. I’ve been working on some necklaces too so I borrowed some black velvet neck displays. It was great to get such positive feedback, and selling a few items was fun.

Black Velvet & Lace Cuffs

26 Oct

I made these cuffs from velvet ribbon, scalloped lace with a pair of extra large hook & eyes. I like the results and of course using contrasting coloured materials will create a totally different effect.

DIY Ring Display Box

12 Oct

I’ve spent the last few weeks making all kinds of jewellery and in the process of it started to puzzle over how it could all be displayed. There are some suggestions online which I interpreted to get the results I wanted. My first display case is one to showcase the rings I’ve been having fun creating. It’s easy to put together just follow my instructions.

What I Used:
1/2 inch Pipe Insulation
12 X 24 cm Box Frame
1/4 metre Black Stretch Velvet (any stretch fabric will do)

Step 1:
Remove the glass, clips and backboard from your frame.

Step 2:
Measure the width at the back of the frame and cut the pipe insulation into 5 of these lenghts.

Step 3:
Wrap the velvet around the pipe to get an idea how wide you need to cut the strips that will cover each tube. Cut the strips.

Step 4:
Fold the strips in half lenghtways so that the velvet is on the inside. Sew a straight seam along the edge and turn inside out so that you have a tube of velvet.

Step 5:
Feed the pipe insulation lenghts you have cut into the sewn velvet tubes. Tidy up the velvet edges at the ends of the tube by sewing and trimming neatly.

Step 6:
Place the covered insulation tubes into the frame et voila.

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