Vintage movies for your fashion fix

8 Aug

Some inspiring old school fashion movies from the 30s to the 50s

Desire (1936)


Starring –  Marlene Dietrich

Directed By  – Frank Borzage 

Stylist/ Wardbobe/ Designer – Travis Banton 

The Women (1939)

The Women (1939)


Starring –  Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine, Lucile Watson, Mary Bolland and Virginia Grey

Directed By  – George Cukor

Stylist/ Wardbobe/ Designer –  Adrian (Adolph Greenburg)

Mildred Pierce (1945)


Starring – Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott 

Directed By  – Michael Curtiz

Stylist/ Wardbobe/ Designer – Milo Anderson

Auntie Mamie (1958)


Starring – Rosalind Russell, Forrest Tucker, Coral Browne

Directed By  – Morton DaCosta

Stylist/ Wardbobe/ Designer – Orry-Kelly, Joan Joseff


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