Williamsburg Fashion Weekend S/S 2013

20 Sep

An alternative to Manhattan’s Fashion Week, Williamsburg Fashion Weekend now in it’s 11th season continues to propose new designs in fashion and play with how we experience fashion.  From entertaining edgy shows to ready-to-wear collections the evenings were full of surprises.

Eco-conscious and inquisitive, a showcase of dynamic fashion forward designs by up & coming designers which took place September 14 & 15 at Windmill Studios, Brooklyn.  Kicking off at 9pm the crowd gathered outside the unassuming red brick studio on Kent Avenue.  Doors opened at 8pm and on entry there was a tray of complimentary cosmetic & accessory treats as well as a copy of the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Magazine.

Innovative designers showing over the weekend were, Brittany Erb, Desira Pesta, Geary Marcello, Juanita Cardenas, Marco Santaniello, Marcus Hicks, Mark Tauriello, Uta Brauser, Nathalie Kraynina, Stephanie Hinson, Uta Bekaia, & Melissa Lockwood.

Creative director, Gina Tron sees the show as a way to provide a platform for designers and fashionistas interested in ethical fashion.  Setting itself up as a contrast to the commercial mecca of New York Fashion Week, Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is smarter, edgier, and totally against the disposable fashion trends often advocated elsewhere.

Arthur Arbit, who established the Weekend spent time on the catwalk between shows raising awareness of how the clothes were made and how we consume fashion.  Advocating investment buys, Arbit proposed buying garments according to your own personal style which is well designed & well made which will not be obsolete or fall apart in a year.  For the cash strapped his advice was “go to a thrift store, get a sewing machine and tweak your own clothes. That’s the most creative way to go about it.”

The Weekend came to life with Juanita Cardenas ‘Moon Landing on Candyland’.  A flurry of color that got the show off to an explosive start.  From creating circus performers outfits Candenas went on to become a costume designer for theatre.

Another totally amazing collection was Mark Tauriello’s collection inspired by H.R. Giger’s art direction for the Aliens trilogy.  A collection that focuses on shape and empowering women by presenting them as scary monsters.

“I’m a feminist at heart.  I hate fashion because it victimizes women and makes them look like dumb sexual objects.  I grew up on horror  and in the movies the women are always the victims.  So I like to turn the tables a bit.  You’ll never see me do a photoshoot where the female model is distressed and relying on a man.”

Mark Tauriello

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Magazine

Mark Tauriello

3 Responses to “Williamsburg Fashion Weekend S/S 2013”

  1. diyforstyle April 27, 2014 at 11:23 am #

    Thanks so much for linking to my post 🙂 It really was a great show !


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