Williamsburg Fashion Weekend S/S 2013 Part III

20 Sep

The show that absolutely stole my awe and admiration was  IQTest by Melissa Lockwood, featuring Scary Monster Tees and knit dresses made from salvaged fabrics, the collection was diverse and there was a sense of excitement in the air. Lockwood’s repurposing of garment factory waste was inspiring.  A startling 28 million ton of fabric actually make it to landfills every year. The collection was refreshing in it’s sourcing of materials and the knit dresses were a little magical, alongside the kind of adorable scary monster tees.

The accessories originality of design caught my eye and I was fixated by  MazadiBCoutureAccessories who made the accessories for Lockwood’s show.  It has definitely made me look at how we wear accessories in a whole new way.

IQTEST Melissa Lockwood and MazadiBCoutureAccessories

IQTEST Melissa Lockwood and MazadiBCoutureAccessories

Don’t just take my word for it, these featured designers are definitely worth checking out:






And of course the weekend that made it all possible :


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