Fashionable Musings at MOMA NYC

11 Sep



Each visit to MOMA New York is a fabulously different experience.  On my most recent visit what struck me were the interesting fashion elements in some of the current pieces showing across the gallery.  There is definitely a strong focus on art but what is impressive is also the design and craft innovations on show.



The Architecture & Design floor had a piece I am crazy about, ‘The Guardian Angel Handbag’ by Dutch designers Carolien Vlieger and Hein van Dam.  The simplicity of design is matched by the simplicity of materials to create an amazing functional piece of Art/ Design/ Fashion.  The wool and leather handbag which went into production in 2002 is manufactured by Vlieger & Vandam in the Netherlands. 



Another woolly item was the Joseph Beuy’s grey suit.  Made of thick wool it looks so stiff and solid in a single breasted informal style with cut off hems and jacket pockets.  Wearing something like this would be both really really warm and a total textural experience.  



One of the special exhibitions at the moment is ‘The Century of the Child’  there are collections of toys and memorabilia associated with notions of childhood through the ages.  It was in this show that I came across Goth Lolita ensemble with matching Angry Doll.  Purchased by the museum from the Fashion Institute of Technology where it made up part of their Fall 2008 collection.

     A comment on the Japanese subculture fashion trend of the Lolita style.  A style that   takes inspiration from concepts of childishness from various cultural sources, including Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, nineteenth-century French dolls and Victorian mourning dress.  The style makes use of ribbons and bows, ruffles and pinafores.  The style takes its name from the 1955 novel ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov but doesn’t actually base it’s look on the ideas the book expresses about the effects of dressing this way.  The name has been taken out of context and reclaimed as a term to describe a style of childish dressing which draws from various influences and manifests itself in subgroups of Goth and Punk  Lolita. 




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