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Before Night Falls

24 Apr
Before Night Falls

Shrink Plastic Demo

10 Apr

I cannot emphasize enough just how much I love working with shrink plastic. It’s so versatile, compatible with a wide range of materials and really quick to work with. I’ve been making lots of jewelry using shrink plastic and brought that along to the demo in Vibes & Scribes Craft Store. There was a great crowd and everyone was really excited about the medium. I demonstrated how the plastic goes from a sheet to a solid plastic shape, and various materials that can be used to create images and colour effects. One of my favourite things to do with shrink plastic is to use embossing powder to create a 3 dimensional design so I also demonstrated this option to my viewers. I will post again with the process of shrinking plastic step by step.

Peaches & Cream

6 Apr
Peaches & Cream

All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

6 Apr
All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace


4 Apr

Striped cardigan
€60 –

Cotton shirt
$60 –

Mini skirt
$801 –

Alexander McQueen stiletto heels
£595 –

Reed Krakoff genuine leather handbag
$990 –

ASOS button ring
$11 –

Swatch watch
€45 –

Gold jewelry

Feather necklace
115 AUD –

Vintage brooch
£22 –

Engraved jewelry
€95 –

Felt hat
$60 –

Mango sunglasses
£15 –

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