DIY Ring Display Box

12 Oct

I’ve spent the last few weeks making all kinds of jewellery and in the process of it started to puzzle over how it could all be displayed. There are some suggestions online which I interpreted to get the results I wanted. My first display case is one to showcase the rings I’ve been having fun creating. It’s easy to put together just follow my instructions.

What I Used:
1/2 inch Pipe Insulation
12 X 24 cm Box Frame
1/4 metre Black Stretch Velvet (any stretch fabric will do)

Step 1:
Remove the glass, clips and backboard from your frame.

Step 2:
Measure the width at the back of the frame and cut the pipe insulation into 5 of these lenghts.

Step 3:
Wrap the velvet around the pipe to get an idea how wide you need to cut the strips that will cover each tube. Cut the strips.

Step 4:
Fold the strips in half lenghtways so that the velvet is on the inside. Sew a straight seam along the edge and turn inside out so that you have a tube of velvet.

Step 5:
Feed the pipe insulation lenghts you have cut into the sewn velvet tubes. Tidy up the velvet edges at the ends of the tube by sewing and trimming neatly.

Step 6:
Place the covered insulation tubes into the frame et voila.

2 Responses to “DIY Ring Display Box”

  1. lowequality April 20, 2014 at 9:59 pm #

    This is something I’ve been scouring the internet for, for a long time. Thank you. One question, how are the tubes secured down? Did you put a back on the bottom so the tubes don’t fall out? I was thinking of making my own box, just was wondering how to hold them down. Thanks

    • diyforstyle April 27, 2014 at 11:14 am #

      Hi there – glad to help ! Thanks for pointing that out, I should have mentioned that I replaced the backboard that came with the frame. Press the backboard against the underside of the tubes. Hammer small tacks half way into the inside of the frame to keep the backboard in place. The top of the tacks will hold the board in place, securing the tubes. Hope I’m explaining clearly, if not let me know. Keep me posted on how it goes 🙂

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